Wells Fargo Routing Number and Account Numbers

Wells Fargo Routing Number Wells Fargo belongs to one of the major banks in the United States and across the world. It has 8,000 sites within the country and an extensive network of over 13,000 devices. If you’re a Wells Fargo client, you may need to use your route number to complete some transactions.

Wells Fargo Routing Number and Account Numbers

Why do you require a Wells Fargo routing number?

Wells Fargo Routing Number and Account Numbers

  • People need to find the Wells Fargo routing number for a variety of reasons. These are a few of the most prevalent.
  • To deposit a paycheck, you must have the Wells Fargo routing number.
  • You’ll need the routing number for setting up a direct deposit.
  • You will also be able to make this the routing number for many additional financial transactions made with your Wells Fargo account.
  • Regardless of why you are looking for it, we will help you find it. To make things easier, we’ve collated all of the routing numbers of the province and included a few more options for obtaining them.

How do I find a Wells Fargo routing number?

There are three basic ways for Wells Fargo clients to determine their routing number. Of course, you do not have to utilize all of them; simply select the one that is most useful to you.

Find Wells Fargo routing numbers by state.

The first approach for locating the Wells Fargo routing number was to look it up by state. This might not always be successful, however, as the routing number is associated with the state in which you started your account. If you’ve just moved or moved frequently, make sure you’re using the route number for the appropriate state.

  • STATE                            Wells Fargo routing number.
  • ALABAMA                                 62000080
  • ALASKA                                      125200057
  • ARIZONA                                    122105278
  • ARKANSAS                                  111900659
  • CALIFORNIA                                121042882
  • COLORADO                                 102000076
  • CONNECTICUT                            21101108
  • DELAWARE                                  31100869
  • FLORIDA                                       63107513
  • GEORGIA                                      61000227
  • HAWAII                                        121042882
  • IDAHO                                          124103799
  • ILLINOIS                                        71101307
  • INDIANA                                        74900275
  • IOWA                                             73000228
  • KANSAS                                         101089292
  • KENTUCKY                                     121042882
  • LOUISIANA                                    121042882
  • MAINE                                            121042882
  • MARYLAND                                    55003201
  • MASSACHUSETTS                         121042882
  • MICHIGAN                                     91101455
  • MINNESOTA                                  91000019

Find your Wells Fargo routing number on a personal check.

  • The second way to find the routing number for your Wells Fargo accounts is by looking through your checkbook. If you don’t have a check, you may skip this approach and look at the alternate one below.
  • Pull out any of your cheques and examine the bottom edge. Your routing number is the first nine numbers highlighted in red in the figure above. This is the routing number to Wells Fargo and any other institution that writes checks. It’s a common format to avoid misunderstanding. The number next to your routing number is the account number.

ACH versus Wire Transfers Routing Number

The routing numbers shown above are known as ABA routing numbers, and they are utilized for ACH transactions. Wire transfers use a distinct set of numbers, although there is only one number for domestic payments and another for foreign transactions. That makes things much easier.

  • Wire transactions are faster, but they cost money, whereas ACH transactions are free but take a few days longer. Finally, it will depend on the amount of money you’re sending and how quickly you need the cash to arrive.
  • The domestic wire transfer number is 121000248.
  • The global wire transfer number, commonly known as the SWIFT code, is WFBIUS6S

Wells Fargo Routing Number and Account Numbers

Call Customer Service

If you don’t have internet banking or a checkbook, call Wells Fargo at 800-956-4442. After you submit some information to identify yourself, an agent will be able to validate the account’s routing number.

Final Words

As an entrepreneur, you may be required to make an ACH transfer, or wire transfer, regularly. Finding a route code is one of the most straightforward processes. Double-check all of your information to ensure that it is right. If you unintentionally send it to the incorrect account, it is nearly usually non-refundable. Just be careful about the way that you transfer your money, and you’ll be alright.

Wells Fargo Routing Number FAQs

  • Question – Who’s routing code is 121000248?

Answer – Wells Fargo assigns the routing code 121000248 to all domestic wire transactions.

  • Question – What Wells Fargo routing address should you use?

Answer – The Wells Fargo routing address you should use is determined by the state in which you created your account and the kind of transaction. Every state maintains a specific routing number, which may change between payroll deductions and wire transfers.

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