Citibank Near Me – Branch and ATM Locations

Citibank’s website provides an easy method to locate a branch or ATM near you. While most of the bank’s over six hundred U.S. branch locations can be found using your preferred map app, its 65,000 free-of-charge ATMs at Target, CVS, Walgreens, and Duane Reade may be more handy.

Citibank Near Me - Branch and ATM Locations

The Citibank position finder is the most effective approach to discovering both the branches and ATMs.

Finding a Specific Address

  • After you’ve viewed all of the Citibank sites in your region, you can employ the tool’s filters to identify the sort of branch you require. If the list of filters isn’t already extended, click the term “Filter” next in the search field. You may then select to browse all ATMs, all branches, or a particular group of locations according to your preferences.
  • For instance, if you need to use an ATM beyond normal banking hours, choose “Open 24 hours a day” to identify ATMs that are open all day. It’s preferable to pick just one criterion to filter the list of choices because the tool will provide results of all places that correspond to any one thing you’ve selected.
  • For instance, if you checked both “Full Service” and “Open 24 hours a day,” your results would include ATMs that offer full service yet are not available 24 hours a day, as well as ATMs that operate 24 hours every day but are not full service.

Citibank Near Me - Branch and ATM Locations

Citi ATMs Near Me

You may use the branch & ATM finder on the bank’s website to discover Citi facilities by city, state, or ZIP code, or just move through the Google Maps tool. Any search result will indicate if it is an ATM or a branch address by displaying a dollar sign symbol or a structure icon.

To further limit the ATM results, select the spaces for the following choices:

  • Cash withdrawals exclusively.
  • Full service.
  • Open 24 hours every day
  • Getting More Information About Locations

Selecting “View Details” will provide you with extra information about any branch site or ATM. If you require instructions, selecting “Get directions” will take you to Google Maps, so that you may get directions to your desired Citibank location by foot, vehicle, public transportation, or bicycle.

The extra material offered for each site addresses questions such as:

  • What are the hours for a Citibank near me?
  • Is a Citibank near me open right now?
  • What services are offered at a Citibank near me?
  • ATMs that are open twenty-four hours every day will display this indication in both the outcomes and the information. Selecting “View details” for a location will reveal if an ATM provides full service or merely cash withdrawals.
  • Some ATMs, such as those found within Target stores, do not indicate exact location hours. These ATMs are usually available throughout the regular business hours of the sponsoring store or company.

Citibank Hours

  • Citibank branch hours vary by town and location, so use the Citibank position finder to determine your preferred branch’s hours.
  • If you want a generic response to the inquiry, “Where is a Citibank nearby mine that is open right now?” Many Citibank locations are open from 9 am until 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays and shut on weekends.
  • Many sites have longer hours on specific weekdays, while others are open during weekends. Certain specialized services, which include safe deposit container access, may have set hours. More information may be found under the specifics of each branch.

How to reach Citibank Client Service.

Citibank provides nationwide customer care for its financial services. Here are the customer support phone numbers you’ll most likely need.

  • Citi Card: 800-950-5144 Banking: 888-248-4226
  • Citi Personal Asset Management Services (800-846-5200)
  • To contact Citi Self Invest, dial 877-693-4543. For personal loans, dial 866-422-0316.


Citibank provides its credit card users with many options via internet banking. Citibank credit cardholders may see their credit card statement and a list of unpaid transactions using the bank’s net banking service.

Citibank Near Me - Branch and ATM Locations

Citibank Near Me FAQs

  • Question – Who may use Citi Mobile?

Answer – Citi Mobile is available to all existing Citibank Suvidha/branch banks and debit card account holders. However, the service requires that you have a handset with a functioning GPRS connection, a valid IPIN for Citibank Online, or a cell phone number listed with Citibank.

  • Question – How do I receive an IPIN?

Answer – If you don’t already have an IPIN, go to Online Self-Select to create your first IPIN.

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