Zelle Limits: How Much Can I Send or Receive?

You may most likely use Zelle to send cash to a buddy or a small business. More than 2,100 credit unions and financial institutions include Zelle in their mobile and internet banking apps, allowing you to transfer and get back money for free.

Zelle Limits: How Much Can I Send or Receive?

While Zelle provides numerous advantages, one disadvantage is that there is a limit to the amount of money you may transfer. The maximum amount you can deposit will vary depending on where you bank. Here’s a deeper look into how Zelle operates, and its limitations at several of the country’s leading banks.

Zelle Limits: How Much Can I Send or Receive?

How much money may be sent with Zelle?

The Zelle app allows you to send money straight to other Zelle members. If you don’t use Zelle through your financial institution, then you can send up to USD 500 and receive up to USD 5,000 each week.

Factors affecting Zelle Transfer Restrictions.

  • Several elements influence how much you’re able to securely send with Zelle. If you’re using Zelle with the credit union or bank you belong to, you’ll need to find exactly how much your institution will allow you to send, as different institutions have varying restrictions.
  • For example, Citi allows current clients to make transfers up to 2,500 USD each day, while Bank of America allows you to send up to 3,500 USD per day.

Zelle Limits: How Much Can I Send or Receive?

Is there a restriction for different sorts of Zelle transactions?

  • Different restrictions apply to different sorts of Zelle transactions, regardless of if you use Zelle via your bank or directly. For example, one can usually transfer a lesser amount than you can get using the Zelle app.
  • If you make a payment using a Zelle app, you will have a higher transfer limit compared to if you transfer via one of Zelle’s partner banks, like Chase and Capital One.
  • Your bank may establish different limits for personal and corporate transfers. For example, Chase clients who have personal credit card accounts may move a maximum of 2,000 USD per morning, whereas private clients or corporate checking accounts can send over 5,000 USD per day.

How to find your Zelle transfer limit

  • If your bank accepts Zelle payments, which most do, you may check the payment limit on their website or app.
  • Log in to your financial platform or launch your smartphone or tablet app.
  • Typically, you’ll find the options “pay” or “pay or transfer.” Zelle ought to be one of your choices.
  • You may discover your restrictions in the Zelle tab. Alternatively, when you input a recipient’s identity and contact data, you should receive a message indicating how much you please may give them in a single day.

Can the Zelle transfer Restrictions be changed?

  • You cannot adjust your transfer limitations if you use Zelle without a bank or credit union’s permission.
  • However, if you use Zelle through your bank, contact them to ask about the transfer limitations; they may be able to extend your limit according to your situation.
  • If you need to send money, consider using an alternative payment system, such as Wise.

What happens if you surpass the Zelle transfer limit?

The Zelle app will not allow you to exceed the Zelle transfer limit. Once you’ve reached your limit, you must wait for this to reset before sending or receiving payments. Check with the bank or credit unions for further information and help with your Zelle transfer limits.


As more credit unions and banks join the Zelle system, sending money to anyone becomes easier by simply inputting their telephone number or email address. However, the amount you may transfer is determined by your bank.

Zelle Limits FAQs

  • Question – Can I transfer $5,000 with Zelle?

Answer – Most banks have everyday sending restrictions of less than $5,000. To stay inside the limitations, you can break a $5,000 payment across transactions over numerous days.

  • Question – How can I raise my Zelle limit?

Answer – There is no method to increase the Zelle limit. If you feel their limitations are too restrictive for your purposes, you may use another payment provider like Venmo or PayPal.

  • Question – Why is my Zelle transaction pending?

Answer – A Zelle payment may be shown as “pending” if the receiver has not yet joined in Zelle. To set up an account on Zelle and claim the money, the receiver must provide either a cell phone number or an email address.

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