JP Morgan Chase Routing Number

It’s useful to know where to discover your bank account’s routing information. You could require it for a variety of reasons, including setting up a direct debit, moving cash to another bank’s account, or connecting your bank account with a payment app. If you are a Chase client or are moving funds to a Chase consideration, see the table below for a list of all Chase routing numbers.

Easy Ways to Locate Your Routing Number

JP Morgan Chase Routing Number

Chase has locations across the nation and employs various route numbers for each region. You’ll additionally require a separate routing address for ACH or wire transfers.

Don’t remember where you created your account? Here are several easy ways to discover your Chase routing code:

Use a check.

  • Your routing address is the first nine numbers found in the lower left-hand corner of each check.
  • The first set of letters is your routing quantity, while the second set (on the right) represents your personal checking bank account number. In between is an icon (which resembles a vertical dash with a colon).

Go Online

  • Log into your bank account and then click on the final four numbers of the account number that you have. Your routing number will be displayed above your account details. To locate the right routing code for your account, utilize the “routing number” search bar at the top of the display.

Use the app.

  • You may access your account using Chase’s mobile app. Press To view your route (and account) number, navigate to Account Details.

Call Customer Service.

  • If you don’t have access to online banking or a check, call Chase customer service at 1-800-935-9935. After simply verifying a few pieces of information to identify yourself, the agent will be able to validate your bank account’s routing code over the phone.

Chase Routing Numbers, by State

  • State                   Routing Number
  • Alabama         065400137
  • Arizona         122100024
  • Arkansas         044000037
  • California         322271627
  • Colorado         102001017
  • Connecticut         021100361

Chase Routing Numbers with ACH Transfers

You will need the routing number to make any ACH transfers. This is the electronic transfer of funds between financial institutions. ACH transfers are often used for a variety of banking transactions, including:

  • Receiving direct deposits
  • Set up automatic bill payments.
  • Transferring funds between accounts at several banks
  • Transferring money to and from investing enterprises

Receiving government advantages, especially tax returns.

JP Morgan Chase Routing Number

Chase Routing Numbers on Wire Transfers

Chase assigns multiple routing numbers to wire transactions.

Domestic wires

  • If you want to receive money via wire transfer, you must supply the sender with your bank account details. Chase’s wire route number is 021000021.
  • NOTE: This is not the same routing number as the one on the bottom of the checks. You may also look for route details in the Federal Reserve route directory.

International cables

  • Use the Bank SWIFT code, CHASUS33.
  • SWIFT (Society for International Financial Telecommunications, or SWIFT) codes are worldwide counterparts to US routing numbers. They transfer funds to the appropriate bank for international transactions.

Is there a routing number for a credit or debit card?

Although the debit card you use is linked to a bank account, you don’t require a routing number for all debit card transactions. Routing numbers are solely utilized for direct transactions between bank accounts. Similarly, credit cards lack routing numbers because they have no direct connection to a bank account. When you settle your card on the internet, you might be required to provide a bank’s routing code to establish a connection between your debit card account and your checking account, just as you would for a different bill.

Bottom line

Routing numbers assist banks in identifying your precise account while making digital payments, transferring money, or even processing traditional checks between branches, states, and nations. Our routing number guide explains how Chase Bank as well as other banks use these numbers to manage your money.

JP Morgan Chase Routing Number FAQs

  • Question – Where to locate a JP Morgan Chase route number on a cheque?

Answer – For bank accounts, the JP Morgan Chase route number is found in the lower left-hand corner of your checks.

  • Question – What JP Morgan Chase routing address can you use?

Answer – The JP Morgan Chase routing address you ought to utilize is determined by the state in which you created your account and the kind of transaction. Every state has a unique routing number, which may change between bank deposits and wire payments.

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